‘They know stuff about me that I’d forgotten’ he says. It came as something of a shock ‘I had no idea it had this amazing fan base, I hadn’t watched it since I was a kid and before I went for the audition I had to catch up.’ And what did he think when he did? ‘I’m a convert now. It’s like a genre all of its own and one of the best things out there, it looks amazing – the episodes have a real cinematic feel to them. And this new Doctor (Scottish actor Peter Capaldi) is the man.’ (x)


Let me tell you about scared. Your heart is beating so hard, I can feel it through your hands. There’s so much blood and oxygen pumping though your brain, it’s like rocket fuel. Right now you could run faster and you could fight harder, you could jump higher than ever in your life, and you are so alert it’s like you can slow…down…time. What’s wrong with scared? Scared is a superpower.